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KeyNote Voice MemoryTM

The KeyNote Voice Memory PagerTM combines voice paging and high quality sound reproduction with the benefit of memory. The Voice Memory pager allows you to replay your messages for clarification, or just save and review them at a more convenient or private time. This unique pager provides you with privacy, as well as convenience of use.

VIBRA-PageTM Vibrating Alert You can be discreetly alerted of incoming messages in a noisy environment or when you do not want to disturb those around you with a loud alert.
Low Battery Indicator Notifies you that your battery is getting low and needs to be replaced - helping to ensure that you don't miss any messages.
Loud Audio Ensures that your alert tones and messages come through in a variety of environments.
Tone and Visual Alerts Visual and audio alerts help ensure that pages are not missed.
Group Call Receivers can be set up to handle additional calls (up to 4) so individuals can be a part of multiple groups.
Charger & Ni-Cad battery Users can manage battery life by continuously recharging the receiver.
Stored Voice Messages will be automatically stored in the caller's own voice and can be replayed at any time.

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