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What is a voice mail box?

It's an alternate means of communication

Callers who'd rather not chat with you or your secretary and would prefer to simply leave information, thus minimizing phone time, can call your voice mail box. They could leave pricing, scheduling, estimates, instructions, follow up requests for information and other communication that doesn't require a to-way conversation. It will save you time and there's less chance of error. Plus, you can retrieve the data from anywhere, 24 hours a day!

It's an information check-in service

If you have salespeople or work crew that need updated scheduling, put the information in their personal voice mail box. It can automatically beep their beepers to alert them. Without having to personally talk to each check-in, your call volume will decrease and everyone becomes more efficient. Valuable for after hours and early morning instructions.

It's an answering service

A voice mail box can take care of your after hours messages and receive calls while you're out of the office. Your custom greeting can notify callers of your return schedule and office hours. It can even page your beeper to let you know you have a message!

It's an order line

Since your voice mail box comes with its own private telephone line, you can use it as a non-attended "order line". Customers can simply leave order information, using your prearranged order instructions on your custom greeting.

It's an extra phone line

Your Voice Mail Box telephone number can act as an extra business or personal phone number, give out your mail box number! If you expect information-only calls or calls not requiring interaction, request the caller to call your mail box to reduce incoming calls to your secretary.

It's a confidential information Receiver

As a special private telephone line, your voice mail box can only be entered via your 4-Digit Security Code. That prevents anyone but you from receiving your messages. It's totally confidential. Some personal messages can't be left with employees, relatives or children. For special messages for your ears only.

It's a family bulletin board

Share a voice mail box with your family. Let everyone call in and leave messages or instructions about their whereabouts or schedule changes. Children can call the number when they get home for special instructions. Mom and Dad will have a central control point for family members to check with at designated times.

It's a beeper message insurance

With a beeper, you can let callers page you on your voice mail box phone number instead of on your beeper. They''ll hear your greeting (which beepers can't provide) and can leave a voice message. Your mail box will automatically dial your beeper top alert you to the message. You can retrieve it at your convenience.

It's an advertising "hot-line"

Promote you voice mail box in all promotional material and advertising as a "Hot-Line" for special sale items, unadvertised specials, and service opportunities. Restaurants can even have menu specials of the day! Since you can easily change your message from any touch tone phone, it's convenient to change your "Hot-Line" message in a couple of minutes, from anywhere!

It's an after hours message service

Call forward to your voice mail box when you leave for the day. Your custom message can provide information on your regular office hours and special services. After the announcement, a caller can leave a message for any other application you elect.

It's an inter-office memo system

If key people a frequently away from their desks, yet need constant information flow, you can communicate by a voice mail box. A mail box-to-mail box, without even calling a person back! When you hear a message you can then record a response, which goes directly to the originator's mailbox. No more paper memos!

Call us to set up a voice mail box today. Use it for any or all of the above. Cost includes your private telephone line as described. No installation charge or deposit. A one time $10 connection charge is the only extra.

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