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Magellan - GPS 300
The first GPS receiver to take you anywhere in the world and back again, in any weather, 24 hours a day - for under $100.

Magellan - GPS Tracker
The new Magellan GPS Tracker sets a new standard for GPS performance. This pocket-sized unit shows nine navigation screens on a high-resolution display for a clear picture of where you are and where you're headed.

Magellan - GPS ColorTRAK
Featuring the world's first high-resolution, color display in a portable GPS receiver, the new Magellan GPS ColorTRAK is taking GPS to a whole new level.
Magellan - NAV 6500
The advanced fixed-mount NAV 6500 puts a world of navigation information at your helm. The large-screen chartplotter features the latest C-MAP NT digital cartography, for the most detailed picture available.


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