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Accessing the ORBCOMM satellite constellation, the portable GSC 100 allows users, for the first time, to communicate from anywhere on Earth via e-mail messaging from a hand-held transmitter receiver. Moreover, the GSC 100 is the first hand-held, two-way satellite messaging device to receive type approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The GSC 100 also provides integrated positioning and navigation capabilities using the Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation. GSC 100 users will be able to identify their position, plot and navigate a course, and communicate their position or any other information to anyone on Earth who has an e-mail address, voice or fax service.

Unlike traditional land-line, cellular or paging systems, the ORBCOMM satellite network facilitates communication to and from isolated parts of the world where conventional systems do not reach. As a result, remote workers, outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers can relay business, recreational and safety information where communications were previously impossible with a hand-held device.


ORBCOMM’s system uses low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that enable GSC 100 users to send and receive alphanumeric messages, or "GlobalGrams," via standard, easy-to-use e-mail interfaces and protocols. When the user sends a GlobalGram, the message travels directly from the GSC 100 to the ORBCOMM constellation, then is relayed from the satellite to a Gateway Earth Station (GES), and is routed to its final destination, via the Internet. To retrieve messages, GSC 100 users simply turn on the unit, request a message check, and an ORBCOMM satellite delivers the message(s) to the user.

The GSC 100 will send and receive messages in one of two formats, depending upon the location of the unit. A Standard GlobalGram is sent when the ORBCOMM satellite is in sight of both the GSC 100 and GES. The message can contain up to 2000 characters. As more GESs become operational, standard messages can be sent and received throughout the world. A Store-and-Forward GlobalGram is sent when the satellite is in sight of the GSC 100 but not the GES. The message is stored in the satellite and delivered when the GES is available. A Store-and-Forward GlobalGram is limited to about 200 characters, and is sent to preselected speed dial addresses stored at ORBCOMM.

In September, ORBCOMM introduced ORB2Yousm and ORBWeathersm, value-added services available for the GSC 100. The ORB2You message dispatching service enables virtually anyone to communicate with a GSC 100 user via the ORB2You dispatch call center. To contact GSC 100 users via phone rather than e-mail, individuals can dial toll-free 1-877-ORB2YOU and dictate their message to a dispatch center representative, who will then transmit that message to the GSC 100. Similarly, a GSC 100 user can send a GlobalGram to the dispatch center for delivery to the intended recipient via phone or facsimile. ORBCOMM’s ORBWeather service delivers position-specific weather reports directly to the GSC 100. To receive a weather update, a GSC 100 user would send their GPS position report to the ORBWeather e-mail inbox, and then receive forecast conditions for the current day, the following day and the following evening, in a standard, easy-to-read format.

The GSC 100 can be used from international waters anywhere on the globe and from within countries that have authorized the use of the ORBCOMM service. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has authorized the ORBCOMM system for operation worldwide. The local telecommunications authorities within each country however, also govern use of the system.


The GSC 100 also contains integrated GPS technology that allows users to determine their exact position (in terms of longitude, latitude and altitude), plot a course, and then accurately navigate the course. Like the ORBCOMM satellite network, the GPS satellite network is accessible from anywhere on Earth at anytime. Moreover, the GSC 100 allows users to send any of this navigational information, via a GlobalGram, to any e-mail address on Earth.


To register a GSC 100 unit in the United States, users pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95. There is a monthly access charge of $29.95, which includes 10 messages and 30 message checks. After the first ten messages, there is a $.01 charge for each character (alpha or numeric) included in outgoing messages.

Regional ORBCOMM licensees will determine pricing in other countries.


Magellan GSC 100 - Anywhere to anywhere satellite communications and navigation


The GSC 100 with fully integrated GPS displays vital navigation data on an ultra-high-resolution screen.


Message subjects with status icons let you know if e-mail has been received, sent, read or is still in edit.Create and store up to 100 messages and 150 e-mail addresses.

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