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Champion Mark 3TM

Beyond protecting your vehicle, the Champion Mark 3 was designed to protect you. Your vehicle's interior courtesy lights will automatically illuminate when you remotely disarm the system, allowing you to see inside your vehicle before entering.

With the miniature key chain remote control transmitters, you have fingertip control from um to 100 feet over an awesome array of auto security and convenience features. Simply push a button to arm or disarm the alarm, lock or unlock your car doors, or determine from a safe distance if anyone has tampered with your car in your absence, or if you feel threatened, activate the siren and parking lights.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • (2) 3-Button/9-Channel Remote Controls
  • Remote Control with Stealth CodingTM
  • Remote Control Code Learning
  • Instant Deletion of Lost or Stolen Remote Controls
  • Electronic Scan PreventionTM (ESP)
  • Remote Controlled Chirp Silencing
  • Chirp Canceling
  • Built-In Remote Door Locking and Unlocking
  • Remote Panic with Door Control Capability
  • Automatic Door Control
  • Remote Controlled Courtesy Lighting
  • Selectable Passive Arming
  • Quick Override of Passive Arming
  • Selectable Passive Locking
  • Visual Confirmations
  • Vibration/Impact Sensor
  • Multi-Zone Protection
  • Selectable Dual-Level Tampering Warning
  • Attempted Theft Alert
  • LED System Status Indicator
  • Automatic Malfunction Override
  • Dual Mode Starter Interrupt
  • Attention-Calling Siren
  • Secured Valet Mode
  • Remote Keyless Entry in Valet Mode
  • Remote-Controlled Valet Mode
  • Alarm State Memory
  • $3,000 Theft Protection Guarantee



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