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Advisor GoldTM
World Message Pager 

Witness a miracle for yourself, and get the technology you want with the features you need - all in one small, powerful package. At Motorola we're putting the power of words in the palm of your hand. Advisor Gold has a four line display for easy reading of text and numeric messages. Very advanced features including a personal notebook and message alarm make this a high tier word message pager.


  • 4-line, 80 character display
  • Up to 30,000 characters
  • OptimaxTM holographic display for exceptional clarity
  • Maximum message slots
    • 19 personal
    • 12 information services
    • 255 personal notebooks - Special memory for your important information
    • 255 information service notebooks
  • Shows time of day and date
  • Time and date stamping
  • Message preview for a quick look at each message
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Set a message as an alarm with the message alarm feature
  • Programmable on/off
  • 8 selectable musical alerts
  • Locks important messages
  • Selective erase/erase all
  • Automatic backlighting
  • Silent vibration
  • Battery gauge
  • Saves messages when off and when changing the battery
  • Uses one AA battery



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